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Composite Curtain Wall(Aluminum/Polystyrene)

Product Detail Information

* Description

Curtain Wall means a nonbearing wall, often of glass and steel, fixed to the outside of a building. Dae-Heung FSC Composite Curtain Wall Frame is comprised aluminum on the outside and polystyrene on the inside. Therefore it can utilize both benefits- strengths of aluminum and thermal insulation performance of polystyrene.

* Function

- Dae-Heung Composite Window, Inc provides window frames that compensate for poor heat insulation property of aluminum windows and low rigidity as well as environmental hazards of PVC windows. These environmentally friendly yet energy-efficient products have great potential as the alternative window materials in the future.

- Despite their reasonable price, our products provide the elegant look of composite window which is combined aluminum and woods. Moreover, unlike the wood products with low sustainability for humidity, these products are not only easily manageable but also highly durable. - Lamination UV coating with wood patterns on the products prevents them from being discolored, even in cases of extended exposure to UV rays.

- The wood texture of the inner polystyrene enables both interior and exterior visual upgrades. It is also possible to paint the exterior aluminum material with the color of your preference.

- Unlike PVC, the products do not produce toxic gas in case of fire.

- The company provides various types of products, which can be installed into houses, apartments as well as curtain walls of high story buildings.

* Products Specification

•120mm Curtain Wall (Durable Glass size: 16~28mm)

•150mm Curtain Wall (Durable Glass size: 16~28mm)

•170mm Curtain Wall (Durable Glass size: 16~28mm)

•200mm Curtain Wall (Durable Glass size: 16~28mm)

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